About my work

In my studio creating a Wrap Scarf

Different types of silk


All of the hand painted silk used in my work are 100% pure and are imported from China, the main ones that I use are listed below. If a different silk is used it will appear in the description of individual items.


Habotai also known as China Silk

A lightweight silk , Habotai does not give the depth of colour achieved by the thicker silks, but is ideal for a lighter summer or daytime scarf.


Silk Satin

What most people think of when they think of silk, a versatile medium weight fabric which displays colors beautifully, my personal favorite.


Charmeuse Silk

A heavy Silk which has a much thicker feel which holds a breathtaking depth of color, and shimmering glow, constantly described as the ‘Rolls Royce ‘of silk.



Crepe De Chine

The thickest of the ‘flat’ weave silks loved for its depth of color, without the glossy sheen of Charmeuse.